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V: Toxic silvery white metallic element used in strengthening steel (Chemistry)
V hook
V hook: A gab at the end of an eccentric rod, with long jaws, shaped like the letter V.
V moth
V moth: A word a term a name specifically, a word considered as composed of certain sounds or letters, without regard to its meaning. Swamped near to drowning in a tide o
V neck
V neck: Neckline shaped like a "V" piece of clothing with v-shaped neckline
V sign
V sign: Sign of victory, sign made with two finger spread apart in the form of a V
V type engine
V type engine: (Automotive) car engine with cylinders forming two rows at an angle to each other that forms a V
V-Day: Day on which a final victory victory takes place (i.e. VE Day)
V-necked: Having a neckline shaped like a "V" having a neck shaped like a "V"
V.C.: Bronze medal of bravery and achievement given to deserving soldiers of the British armed forces
Vaagmer: The dealfish. [Written also vaagm?r, and vaagmar.]
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