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The degree of combining power of an atom (or radical) as shown by the number of atoms of hydrogen (or of other monads, as chlorine, sodium, etc.) with which it will comb
Valence electron
Valence electron: Electron in the outermost shell of an atom that participates in chemical bonding
A kind of woven fabric for waistcoats, having the weft of wool and the warp of silk or cotton. [Written also valentia.] Valencia: Province in eastern Spain seaport in
Valenciennes: City in northern France fine lace of linen bearing a motif of the same thread as the background valenciennes-like fabric made of cotton
Valenciennes lace
Valenciennes lace: A rich kind of lace made at Valenciennes, in France. Each piece is made throughout, ground and pattern, by the same person and with the same thread, th
Valency: See Valencia.
Valensa: Family name Lech Valensa (born 1943), winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1983, president of Poland after the fall of communism till 1995, Polish workers leader
A sweetheart chosen on St. Valentines Day. A letter containing professions of love, or a missive of a sentimental, comic, or burlesque character, sent on St. Valentines
Valentines Day
Valentines Day: Holiday observed in North America and in some European countries on February 14th in which people exchange tokens of love and affection (particularly bet
Valentinian: One of a school of Judaizing Gnostics in the second century so called from Valentinus, the founder.
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