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Vallary: Same as Vallar.
Vallation: A rampart or intrenchment.
Vallatory: Of or pertaining to a vallation used for a vallation as, vallatory reads. [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.
(Anat.) A groove a fossa as, the vallecula, or fossa, which separates the hemispheres of the cerebellum. (Bot.) One of the grooves, or hollows, between the ribs of the f
Vallets pills
Vallets pills: Pills containing sulphate of iron and carbonate of sodium, mixed with saccharine matter called also Vallets mass.
Valley: The space inclosed between ranges of hills or mountains the strip of land at the bottom of the depressions intersecting a country, including usually the bed of a
Valley line
Valley line: Imaginary line along the length of the lowest points in an area
Valley of Jezreel
Valley of Jezreel: Valley located in the Lower Galilee (Israel)
Valley of Rehavya
Valley of Rehavya: Neighborhood in Jerusalem located by the valley from which the wood for the crucifix of Jesus was taken (according to Christian tradition)
Valley of the Giants
Valley of the Giants: Valley between Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Israel)
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