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Valuator: One who assesses, or sets a value on, anything an appraiser. Swift.
To estimate the value, or worth, of to rate at a certain price to appraise to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc. The mind doth value every moment. Ba
Value added
Value added: Difference between the value of merchandise made by a hired worker to the salary which is paid to him long term profit which is not money
Value Added Reseller
Value Added Reseller: Company that improves an existing product and resells it under its own brand name, VAR
Value Added Tax
Value Added Tax: Tax that is added to the value of a product at the time of manufacture and paid by the customer at the time of purchase
Value days
Value days: Days that pass from when money is deposited into a bank to when the money is credited to the account
Value proposition
Value proposition: Statement of the way a business suggests to use its resources to supply greater value to its clients
Value system
Value system: Giving something worth according to its order of importance in the eyes of the individual or organization
Highly regarded esteemed prized as, a valued contributor a valued friend. Valued policy. See under Policy. Valued: Highly esteemed, cherished estimated, appraised
Valued policy
Valued policy: A policy in which the value of the goods, property, or interest insured is specified opposed to open policy.
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