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Vanish into thin air
Vanish into thin air: Disappear without a trace, disappear without leaving clues as to where
Vanished from the face of the earth
Vanished from the face of the earth: Disappeared, not known where he went, vanished in the haze
Vanished into thin air
Vanished into thin air: Disappeared without a trace, completely gone
Vanishing: a. & n. from Vanish, v. Vanishing fraction (Math.), a fraction which reduces to the form Math. Dict. Vanishing line (Persp.), the intersection of the parallel
Vanishment: A vanishing. [Obs.]
The quality or state of being vain want of substance to satisfy desire emptiness unsubstantialness unrealness 6. falsity. Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity
Vanity box
Vanity box: A small box, usually jeweled or of precious metal and worn on a chain, containing a mirror, powder puff, and other small toilet articles for a woman.
Vanity fair
Vanity fair: Exhibition of frivolousness world of nonsense and meaninglessness celebrities, famous people
Vanity of vanities
Vanity of vanities: Nonsense, bullshit, fiddlesticks all is vanity
Vanity press
Vanity press: Vanity publisher, publishing house that publishes books and the author pays the costs, publisher that publishes the books of an author at the authors expen
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