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Wait for
Wait for: Wait until a person or something arrives wait until a person is finished with something (e.g. "I will wait for you until you finish your meal")
Wait for ages
Wait for ages: Wait for a very long time for something to happen
Wait for dead mans shoes
Wait for dead mans shoes: Wait for someone to die in order to inherit his possessions
Wait on a person hand and foot
Wait on a person hand and foot: Serve someone, satisfy someones desires, do everything for a person
Wait-a-bit: Any of several plants bearing thorns or stiff hooked appendages, which catch and tear the clothing, as: (a) The greenbrier. (b) Any of various species of hawt
Waited at his door
Waited at his door: Ambushed him, waited for him to exit so that he could attack
Waited for a phone call
Waited for a phone call: Stood in anticipation of a telephone call, expected a particular telephone call
Waited for instructions
Waited for instructions: Waited for further notice including exactly what to do
Waited in vain
Waited in vain: Waited for nothing, waited but did not receive any results
Waited patiently
Waited patiently: Waited for his turn to arrive without anxiety
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