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One who, or that which, waits an attendant a servant in attendance, esp. at table. The waiters stand in ranks the yeomen cry, "Make room," as if a duke were passing by.
Waiting: a. & n. from Wait, v. In waiting, in attendance as, lords in waiting. [Eng.] Waiting gentlewoman, a woman who waits upon a person of rank. Waiting maid, Waiting
Waiting anxiously
Waiting anxiously: Waiting with excitement, expectantly waiting
Waiting for the Messiah
Waiting for the Messiah: Waiting for something vague which one does not know when it will happen
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Waiting for the other shoe to drop: Say the next obvious thing
Waiting list
Waiting list: Detailed list of the people waiting for the available slot, detailing of those who are waiting
Waiting period
Waiting period: Time of expectation and anticipation for something to happen
Waiting room
Waiting room: Room for people to wait before seeing the person they have a meeting with
Waitingly: By waiting.
Waitress: A female waiter or attendant a waiting maid or waiting woman.
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