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Walken: Family name Christopher Walken (born 1943), American movie actor, winner of the 1978 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "The Deer Hunter"
One who walks a pedestrian. That with which one walks a foot. [Obs.] Lame Mulciber, his walkers quite misgrown. Chapman. (Law) A forest officer appointed to walk over a
Walkie: Short for the expression "walkie talkie" which is a compact radio transmitter and receiver that can be carried by one person
Walkie-talkie: Communications device used on the roadways which operates by radio waves
Walking: a. & n. from Walk, v. Walking beam. See Beam, Walking crane, a kind of traveling crane. See under Crane. Walking fern. (Bot.) See Walking leaf, below. Walking
Walking beam
Walking beam: Method of conveying steel bars or slabs cross a cooling bed or through a furnace radio beam, radio signal, transmission of radio waves
Walking dictionary
Walking dictionary: Someone who has an answer to almost everything
Walking encyclopaedia
Walking encyclopaedia: Genius, scholar, person who has great knowledge of many subjects
Walking encyclopedia
Walking encyclopedia: Genius, scholar, person who has great knowledge of many subjects
Walking gentleman
Walking gentleman: (Theatre) actor who usually appears in small parts (and has little or nothing to say) and is required only to give a gentleman-like appearance on stag
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