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Walkthrough: Superficial examination of a computer program before running it by reading the source code (program instructions) (Television) general rehearsal without cam
Walkthru: Act of going over something in a methodical way step by step review of something
Walkyr: See Valkyria.
To inclose with a wall, or as with a wall. "Seven walled towns of strength." Shak. The king of Thebes, Amphion, That with his singing walled that city. Chaucer. To defen
Wall bar
Wall bar: Exercise device made of a series of ladders attached to the wall
Wall box
Wall box: (Construction) wall frame, frame fixed in a wall to absorb a bearing for a shaft that passes through the wall electrical box used to set a switch or outlet on
Wall chart
Wall chart: Tool hung on the wall which aids in teaching and education
Wall clock
Wall clock: Grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, clock that is hanging on the wall
Wall eye
Wall eye: Large-eyed North American fish of the perch family condition of having a light colored eye or a whitish ring around the iris of the eye condition of having an
Wall flower
Wall flower: One who does not take an active role at parties, one who sits and does not get up to dance
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