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Wade through
Wade through: Pave the way with a required effort, advance in an awkward manner
Wadeable: Able to be crossed without swimming (e.g. a shallow river)
One who, or that which, wades. (Zo?l.) Any long-legged bird that wades in the water in search of food, especially any species of limicoline or grallatorial birds called
Waders: Flooders, pants that are too short for the wearer, pants that end above the ankles (Slang)
Wadge: (Slang used in the UK) wodge, large lump or bulky mass of something thing that has a bulgy shape
Wadi: Dry river valley, streambed that is dry most of the year (except in the event of heavy rains)
Wadi Ara
Wadi Ara: Narrow ravine between Mount Carmel and the Menashe hills which joins the Sharon area with the Jezreel valley (Israel)
Wadi Milek
Wadi Milek: Road that connects between Zichron Yaakov and Yokneam
Wadi Salib riots
Wadi Salib riots: Riots staged by the residents of the Wadi Salib neighborhood of Haifa in 1959 due to racial discrimination
Wading: A coarse, hairy, woolen cloth, formerly used for garments by the poor, and for various other purposes. [Spelled also wadmal, wadmeal, wadmoll, wadmel, etc.] Beck
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