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A wave or current of wind. "Everywaft of the air." Longfellow. In this dire season, oft the whirlwinds wing Sweeps up the burden of whole wintry plains In one wide waft.
Waftage: Conveyance on a buoyant medium, as air or water. Shak. Boats prepared for waftage to and fro. Drayton.
Wafter: One who, or that which, wafts. O Charon, Thou wafter of the soul to bliss or bane. Beau. & FL. A boat for passage. Ainsworth.
Wafture: The act of waving a wavelike motion a waft. R. Browning. An angry wafture of your hand. Shak.
The act of wagging a shake as, a wag of the head. [Colloq.] Etym: [Perhaps shortened from wag-halter a rogue.] A man full of sport and humor a ludicrous fellow 6. a humo
Wag the Dog
Wag the Dog: 1997 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro (directed by Barry Levinson)
Wag the dog syndrome
Wag the dog syndrome: Instance in which a national leader starts a war or other military conflict in order to divert attention from a scandal (Politics)
Wag-halter: One who moves or wears a halter one likely to be hanged. [Colloq. & Obs.] I can tell you, I am a mad wag-halter. Marston.
Wagati: A small East Indian wild cat (Felis wagati), regarded by some as a variety of the leopard cat.
That which is staked or ventured that for which one incurs risk or danger prize gage. [Obs.] "That warlike wage." Spenser. That for which one labors 6. meed 7. reward 8.
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