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Wage a war
Wage a war: Carry out a war, go into battle, declare a state of war
Wage agreement
Wage agreement: Deal between an employer to a worker or to their representatives regarding the conditions of the workers salaries
Wage components
Wage components: Parts of a salary payment, individual items that are part of a workers wages
Wage freeze
Wage freeze: Setting of a fixed salary, setting a permanent salary
Waged war against
Waged war against: Went out to war against, declared war with, started to fight, began with actions against
Wagel: See Waggel.
Wagenboom: A south African proteaceous tree (Protea grandiflora) also, its tough wood, used for making wagon wheels.
To make a bet to lay a wager. T was merry when You wagered on your angling. Shak. To hazard on the issue of a contest, or on some question that is to be decided, or on s
Wagerer: One who wagers, or lays a bet.
Wagering: Hazarding pertaining to the act of one who wagers. Wagering policy. (Com.) See Wager policy, under Policy.
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