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X chromosome
X chromosome: Chromosome which determines the gender of a fetus
X rays x-rays
X rays x-rays: The R?ntgen rays so called by their discoverer because of their enigmatical character.
X Windows
X Windows: X Windows System, graphical user interface intended for operating systems based on UNIX
X- Files
X- Files: Popular television series about two FBI agents who investigate paranormal activity movie based on the television series
X-ray technician
X-ray technician: Person trained in the operation of x-ray equipment
X-ray tube
X-ray tube: A vacuum tube suitable for producing R?ntgen rays.
Xanax: (Medicine) trade name of a benzodiazepine agent used against anxiety
Xanga: Website host based in New York City (USA) that enables its community of users to access to their own online journals or blogs
Xanthamide: An amido derivative of xanthic acid obtained as a white crystalline substance, C2H5O.CS.NH2 called also xanthogen amide.
Xanthate: A salt of xanthic a xanthogenate.
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