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Yamaha Corporation
Yamaha Corporation: Japanese company which is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of musical instruments and professional audio products
Yamaha Corporation of America
Yamaha Corporation of America: One of the worlds largest manufacturers of musical instruments and equipment (with headquarters in California, USA)
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.: Japanese company founded in 1955, manufacturer and seller of motorcycles and other motorized vehicles (scooters, boats, sail boats, pools, utilit
Yamaha Motor Corporation
Yamaha Motor Corporation: California based manufacturers of motorcycles and other recreational motorized vehicles (i.e. ATVs, speed boats, golf carts, snowmobiles, etc.)
Yamato: Name of several cities and towns in Japan battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy Yamato period, era in the history of Japan Yamato Province which is the presen
Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.: Japanese company that manufactures steel products and railway track materials
Yamato period
Yamato period: Era in the history of Japan when the Japanese Imperial court ruled Yamato province from the 2nd to the 5th centuries A.D. (modern day Nara prefecture), kn
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.: Japanese company engaged in domestice and international door-to-door parcel delivery business, domestic and international moving company
Yamen: In China, the official headquarters or residence of a mandarin, including court rooms, offices, gardens, prisons, etc. the place where the business of any public d
Yamma: The llama.
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