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Condition: To invest with, or limit by, conditions to burden or qualify by a condition to impose or be imposed as the condition of. Seas, that daily gain upon the shore,
Conditional: A limitation. [Obs.] Bacon. A conditional word, mode, or proposition. Disjunctives may be turned into conditionals. L. H. Atwater.
Conditional amnesty
Conditional amnesty: Provisional pardon, qualified acquittal, immunity subject to conditions
Conditional clause
Conditional clause: Clause which states a dependent situation (often starts with "if")
Conditional contract
Conditional contract: Contract which contains a suspending condition, contract which contains a terminating condition
Conditional judgement
Conditional judgement: Judgment which is dependent upon something else
Conditional obligations
Conditional obligations: Obligations of which the fulfillment of one depends upon the fulfillment of another
Conditional probability
Conditional probability: Likelihood of the occurrence of an event taking into account the occurrence of another event
Conditional sentence
Conditional sentence: Judgment subject to conditions, qualified ruling, conditional verdict
Conditional statement
Conditional statement: Sentence that has a conditional clause (Grammar) command in a computer program including a condition
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