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Different: Distinct separate not the same other. "Five different churches." Addison. Of various or contrary nature, form, or quality 6. partially or totally unlike 7. dis
Different league
Different league: Different level of ability, different level of expertise
Different opinions
Different opinions: Contrasting views, diverging points of view, dissimilar beliefs
Different points of view
Different points of view: Various vantage points, various viewpoints, different opinions
Different strokes for different folks
Different strokes for different folks: Different people have different tastes, different people like different things, variety makes the world go round
Differentia: The formal or distinguishing part of the essence of a species the characteristic attribute of a species specific difference.
Differentiable: May be differentiated may be separated or distinguished may be transformed into its derivative (Mathematics)
Differential: (Math.) An increment, usually an indefinitely small one, which is given to a variable quantity. Note: According to the more modern writers upon the differen
Differential and integral calculus
Differential and integral calculus: Branch of mathematics that deals with functions
Differential backup
Differential backup: Backup method which copies only files which have been changed since the last backup
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