Active: Having the power or quality of acting causing change Communicating action or motion acting opposed to Ant: passive,that receives 6. as, certain active principles Do you have knowledge, Definitions or data to publish about Active? Dictionary UK is open for edits.


Meaning of Active:

1. Having the power or quality of acting

2. causing change

3. Communicating action or motion

4. acting

5. opposed to Ant: passive,that receives

6. as, certain active principles

7. the powers of the mind.

8. Quick in physical movement

9. of an agile and vigorous body

10. nimble

11. As, an active child or animal.Active and nervous was his gait. Wordsworth.

12. In action

13. actually proceeding

14. working

15. in force

16. opposed toquiescent, dormant, or extinct

17. as, active laws

18. active hostilities

19. An active volcano.

20. Given to action

21. constantly engaged in action

22. energetic

23. Diligent

24. busy

25. opposed to dull, sluggish, indolent, or inert

26. as,an active man of business

27. active mind

28. active zeal.

29. 5. Requiring or implying action or exertion

30. opposed to Ant:sedentary or to Ant: tranquil

31. as, active employment or service

32. Active scenes.

33. Given to action rather than contemplation

34. practical

35. operative

36. opposed to Ant: speculative or Ant: theoretical

37. as, an activerather than a speculative statesman.

38. Brisk

39. lively

40. as, an active demand for corn.

41. Implying or producing rapid action

42. as, an active disease

43. anactive remedy.

44. (Gram.)(a) Applied to a form of the verb

45. opposed to Ant: passive. SeeActive voice, under Voice.(b) Applied to verbs which assert that the subject acts upon oraffects something else

46. transitive.(c) Applied to all verbs that express action as distinct from mereexistence or state. Active capital, Active wealth, money, or propertythat may readily be converted into money.Syn. Agile

47. alert

48. brisk

49. vigorous

50. nimble

51. lively

52. quick

53. sprightly

54. Prompt

55. energetic.

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